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ACT provides environmental Testing

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Material Testing
Metals, Plastics, Ceramics

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Testing Materials and the Environment Since 1983

Welcome to Analytical Consulting Technology web site. Analytical Consulting Technology Environmental

Laboratory has been serving the environment for years. We are proud of our accomplishments during that

time and we continue to build on our previous years of experience in the laboratory business.

We provide high-quality defensible data to a large, diverse group:

  • Fire Investigators
  • Insurance Companies
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Industries
  • Attorneys
  • Engineers

We have made a commitment to high quality data, exceptional Client service and are passionately interested

in data and its interpretation. We continue to acquire new analytical equipment, expand our analytical

capabilities and have continued to grow in this challenging economic time.

We invite you to look through this site to find out more about Analytical Consulting Technology and what we

have to offer.


  Lab Services Offered:

Aquatic Toxicity

Pyrolysis GCMS


Our Instrumentation is State of the Art

Instrumentation Page


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