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Analytical Consulting Technology, Inc


Our laboratories operate in accordance with SOPís that are designed to follow Good Laboratory Practice standards. We have specific quality assurance procedures that govern all activities from sample receipt through data review to sample disposal. Our procedures are available for client examination by requesting the Quality Assurance Manual.

Our Quality Assurance Program is designed to assess the precision and accuracy of the generated analytical results.

The program includes:
  • Fully documented sample tracking.
  • All documentation of preservation and handling.
  • Two source reference standards including verification.
  • Routine analysis of blank.
  • Quality check samples, matrix spike (MS) and matrix spike duplicates (MSD).
  • Duplicate data verification; single & double blind quality control samples.
  • Data archiving which comply with GLP/ISO standards.
  • Dual third party quality control standards.
  • Participation in round robin inter-laboratory certification programs.
  • Over 20 Years Testing Experience

    ACT has completed a chemical product breakdown study to assist in the determination of environmental effects of a chemical when used a  wood preservative.


    Connecticut licensed Public Health Laboratory

    ACT is a licensed Public Health Laboratory CT PH-0518, EPA CT027


    Audited by the US NAVY

    ACT has completed materials qualification for a US Navy Supplier. The laboratory was audited by US Navy Quality Audit team.


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