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Analytical Consulting Technology, Inc.

Professional Services

Analytical Consulting Technology offers biological, chemical, environmental, materials testing
 and consulting services.

Our state of the art laboratories help us to work with you to solve your problems. ACT's staff has extensive expertise in the use of analytical methods approved by federal and state environmental regulatory agencies. The foundation of our company is the production and presentation of high-quality analytical data. 

All tests are performed under strict compliance with project-specific data-quality objectives.

Laboratory Testing 

Analytical Consulting Technology offers the following services:

Chemical Testing

ACT tests chemical materials for compliance with ACS, USP, AOAC and military specifications

Materials Testing

Chemical Testing and Analysis: materials identification; analysis of metals, polymers, and ceramics; identification of contaminants; compliance of certifications; corrosion analysis and more.

Failure Analysis: fatigue; fracture; cracking; corrosion; loss of strength; bending; debonding; weld failure; braze failure; solder failure and more.

Mechanical Testing and Analysis: metal and plastic strength; custom fixturing for testing finished parts; tension; compression; bending; peel strength; tear strength; elongation and more.

Metallography: opaque object microscopy; coating thickness; plating; case hardness and depth; grain size; corrosion analysis; heat treat verification; fracture morphology and more.

Professional Services: material selection; reverse engineering of competitors' products; failure prevention; material processing problems; welding and weld repair analysis; fracture analysis; fact witness and more.

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Environmental Services

 Drinking Water

 Waste Characterization


ACT operates a  Connecticut registered full-service environmental analytical laboratory firm, headquartered in Waterbury, Connecticut.  We routinely provide analytical services in support of corporate, public and private clients 

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Site Investigation/ Remediation Support

ACT's project experience includes analytical investigations of soil, water, and air at RCRA, CERCLA, Landfill, Underground Storage Tanks,  Property Transfer, Remediation, and O&M sites.

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Process optimization

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